Once a Week with ArtBox

$465 Per Session

This class meets once a week on Mon, Tues, Wed or Thur

Tuition of $465 if for once-a-week session.

Tuition is due in full one week before the first class otherwise spot will be released to first waitlisted child.

Cash, check, Zelle and Venmo transfer is accepted at this time. (Please make check payable to ArtBox Atelier Brooklyn or Venmo: ArtBox Atelier Brooklyn)​.

Sibling (second, third, +child) discount or multiple days discount – 10%.

Drop off/one time pick up class $50 ($60 extended time)

Please call for availability at 917.445.8952 or email: [email protected]

2023/24 Program Details

• Once a week on Mon, Tues, Wed OR Thur 3:00pm-4:30pm
• Extended time available until 5:00pm. Additional $100 per session applies.
• Tuition includes school pick up at regular school dismissal hour – if requested.
• Pick up available from PS31, PS34, PS110 and St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy

Monday “Spring is in the Air – Nature Art”


April 8th – June 24th

Fee : $465+

Tuesday “Follow the Artist”


April 2nd – June 18th

Fee :  $465+

Wednesday “Travel the World


April 3rd – June 19th

Fee : $465+

Thursday “I Love to Eat”


April 4th – June 20th

Fee :  $465+

SIGN UP! coming soon

*School CLOSED or 1/2 Day

*April 1st -Easter- CLOSED – MONDAY

*April 22nd-30th – Spring Recess – CLOSED

*April 10th -Eid al-Fitr – class in place/*drop off at 3pm – DAY CAMP AVAILABLE – WEDNESDAY

*May 27th – Memorial Day – CLOSED – MONDAY

*June 6th – Anniversary Day/Chancellors Day – CLOSED – THURSDAY 

*June 17th – Eid al-Adha – class in place/*drop off at 3pm – DAY CAMP AVAILABLE – MONDAY

*June 19th – Juneteenth – – class in place/*drop off at 3pm – DAY CAMP AVAILABLE – WEDNESDAY

*New! Late Pick Up Policy: 10 minute grace late pickup, after 10 minutes it’s $1 per minute.

Class Descriptions

“Follow the Artist”

This class will bring ArtBox students a great opportunity to meet renowned artists from all over the world and their outstanding artwork. Kids will learn to observe, critique and express opinion while creating their own museum worthy pieces using a variety of different media.

“Explore Your World Through Your Senses”  

In this class, participants will have opportunities to deepen their engagement and connection to nature through observation, reflection and engaging their senses. Participants will connect with nature and their surrounding environments through journaling, drawing, painting, making collages, sculptures, and sound instruments. They will explore varied mediums including watercolor, tempera, collage, and everyday materials. Participants will be invited to bring materials from home that can be incorporated into making the sculptures – allowing them to extend engagement with their environments outside of the class setting. Please note that this is optional and all materials will be provided.

“Let’s Play Theater” 

This class is a series of creative learning projects during which students will design their own “shadow puppet theater“. They will make short play script based on childhood stories with songs and music.

Kids will make simple dolls, puppets and scenery to match the story. They will learn planning, preparing and rehearsing their small production while expanding their creativity and artistic skills. In a process they will gain confidence, self-esteem and core skills such as empathy, teamwork and leadership. ArtBox theater fun way!

 “Travel the World” 

Let’s go globetrotting! During this session we will take our artists through the wonderful journey around the world. We will explore all of the Earth’s continents through colors, architecture, nature, food and more. Then, learn about geography, conservation, and the joy of the traveling.

 “I Love to Eat”

Food and art have a long and rich relationship. From ancient Egyptians carving food scenes on tablets, ancient Greece and Rome celebrating food in literature, paintings and mosaics to images featuring mass-produced food by Andy Warhol or Wayne Thiebaud. In this class kids will learn art concepts like balance, color and pattern through fun and creative food art projects and activities. Kids will make their own recipes book, bake simple cookies and prepare simple dishes. “I Love to Eat” is not a cooking class!

“Future Art-chitect”

A world of creativity and imagination will be discovered by kids in this class. We will travel the world and admire its diverse architecture. Kids will build their dream houses and structures, adding their own interesting details and playing with colors. Kids will learn the concepts of perspective, proportion and spatial thinking. Creative recycling will bring a lot of joy to young architects.

“Dolls &  Toys” 

This will be ArtBox handmade toy factory. In this class we will show kids how DIY toys, dolls or simple games bring a lot of joy and pride. This class will give them opportunity to connect together in play and have endless fun.